How to order

When Creating an account. Please make sure that all fields are field up. If you don't have a zip code or any other required field, please fill in "0". All orders can be placed online through the website. Please do not email credit card details without first contacting us. Neither Naty Arabia nor Aman Al Motamiza Group Saudi Arabia can accept responsibility for the security of credit card or personal information sent through email. All orders are subject to availability and will be processed and completed upon receipt of full payment, or approval of the credit transaction Paytabs. Orders will be processed in the order in which they are received. Completion of orders and shipment of products subject to online availability.

The management keeps the right to cancel any order under processing in the case of logistics issues, technical issues, item requested is out of stock, not being able to reach customer or suspicion of a fraudulent transaction.

If one of the above cases occurs (for the exception of a fraudulent transaction), the management will issue a complete refund of the amount paid to the customer’s account and an email will be sent to him/her informing of the cancellation of the order and the refund done.