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Jameel Square , Tahlia Street Street
PO Box 40538 Jeddah 21511

Tel: +966 122 834 077


Our company

Aman Al Motamiza is a Saudi Group and is the agent of Naty by Nature Care AB products from Stockholm, Sweden.

Our product range consist of the Naty by Nature BabyCare Diapers/Nappies, Sensitive Wipes, Eco Baby Toiletries (Bubble Bath, Lotion, Rash Cream, Shampoo and Wash), Nursing Pads, Disposable Bibs, Organic Clothing Line, Nature WomenCare Liners and Pads.

Naty BabyCare & WomenCare product line are currently sold in UK, France, USA, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, and many more.

Here at Naty, our vision is a simple one. We want to be the leader in providing natural, healthy, environmentally friendly hygiene products to babies and mothers throughout Saudi Arabia.

Naty BabyCare and MotherCare lines have been awarded year after year the most prestigious awards in the industry.

We are proud of the recognition our diapers/nappies, skincare range and wipes have received. The competition is tough, but our products have consistently shown that we can compete with anyone in terms of performance. As the supplier of the world’s leading green diaper/nappy, we truly live up to our slogan: “Go green without giving up performance”.

Mothers and Children need a healthy choice – Aman believes that Naty is the solution.