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Company History

Our Story

Welcome to Naty by Nature Babycare. Naty by Nature Babycare is an entrepreneurial company founded by Marlene Sandberg, a Swedish mother. We provide ecological options in personal care with our Naty by Nature Babycare range, Organic Baby Textile range and our Naty by Nature Womencare range. Our products are a natural choice for environmentally aware parents and women.>

Company's History

More than 20 years ago, Marlene Sandberg found herself thinking about eco nappies, and doing so on a regular basis. She was the mother of two boys, a corporate lawyer, and had a burgeoning sense of environmental awareness.>

It was during this period that Marlene came across a newspaper article reporting on the damaging effect that disposable diapers/nappies had on the Swedish environment. On average, every Swedish baby was responsible for a half-ton of dirty diapers/nappies every year. So the diapers/nappies kept piling up, due in part to the material in traditional disposable diapers/nappies being predominately oil-derived plastic.>

Marlene recalls that period as being a time of environmental awakening, but also of uncertainty. Uncertainty in how to make a difference with two young sons and a demanding career. “Like many people of my generation I was becoming much more environmentally aware,” says Marlene. “At the same time, I had a busy life and I did not see that washing diaper/nappies would fit into that schedule.”>

Marlene knew there would be challenges along the way to an environmentally friendly diaper/nappy. Instead of backing down from those challenges though, she embraced them, saying, “I don’t believe in compromises or shortcuts. If you want an eco-friendly diaper/nappy to be successful, it must perform at least as well as, or better than, the best traditional diaper/nappy.”>

After five years of hard work, research and development, Marlene formed Naty by Nature Babycare and launched a biodegradable and environmentally friendly disposable diaper/nappy onto the market. This was followed by the launch of a line of baby care products ranging from skincare and wipes, to diapers/nappies and pull-on-pants.>

Naty by Nature Babycare diapers/nappies are the number one green alternative when it comes to disposable diapers/nappies. That is thanks to Marlene’s philosophy. “I started my company with the determination to make a high-performance diaper/nappy that was friendlier on nature and healthier for your child. Naty by Nature Babycare and Naty by Nature Womencare products are all that.”


At Naty by Nature Babycare, our vision is a simple one. We want to provide environmentally friendly hygiene products to babies and mothers throughout the world.

When it comes to your baby’s wellbeing you have a choice. A choice between environmentally friendly natural materials and petrochemicals.

Our approach is a natural one. We want to use natural products whenever and wherever possible in our diapers/nappies and we will always strive to improve on that front. We want to change the negative impact on our environment, we want to change the world and we want you to help. We know our goals are lofty ones and we know that there are larger companies out there who compete with us. But we believe in our vision, our products and in you.

100% eco


We are proud of the recognition our organic diapers, organic skincare range and organic wipes have received. The competition is tough, but our products have shown year after year that we can compete with anyone in terms of performance. As the supplier of the world’s leading organic diaper, we truly live up to our slogan: “Go green without giving up performance”. Below you will find just a few of the awards we have won over the years.

Mumsnet Best Award – We are very proud of having been rated Mumsnet Best Award for our Naty Eco disposable nappies. It is just a certain number of outstanding products that are rated Mumsnet Best. To qualify for this gold standard, a product must have been awarded an average of four stars (or higher) by a certain number of Mumsnetters.

My Childs Excellence Awards – Runner up, favorite disposable nappy.

Winner of Best Eco Nappy category, Junior Design Magazine (UK)
Winner of Best Designer Fashion category, Junior Design Magazine (UK)

“Good Environmental Choice” Eco Label from Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
Bronze Award, Toddler Wipes, Bizziebaby (UK)
Silver Award, Fragrance Free Wipes, Bizziebaby (UK)
Winner of Best Eco Nappy category, Junior Design Magazine (UK)
Highly recommended in Best Eco Skincare category, Junior Design Magazine (UK)
Short listed Clothing Line in Best Emerging Talent, Junior Design Magazine (UK)
Best Disposable Breast pads Award, TIPS Ltd. (UK)
Highly Recommended Baby Wipes, TIPS Ltd. (UK)

Bronze Award, Newborn Nappies in Practical Parenting Magazine (UK)
Short listed Toddler Wipes, Practical Parenting Magazine (UK)
Short listed Wipes, Practical Parenting Magazine (UK)
Short listed Pull on Pants, Practical Parenting Magazine (UK)
Short listed Nappies older babies, Practical Parenting Magazine (UK)
Silver Award, Toiletries, Mother and Baby Magazine (UK)
Silver Award, Toiletries, Practical Pre-School Magazine (UK)
Silver Award, Pull on Pants, Practical Pre-School Magazine (UK)
Gold Award, Nappies, Practical Pre-School Magazine (UK)
Merit Award, Wipes, Practical Pre-School Magazine (UK)
Bronze Award, Shampoo, Bizziebaby (UK)
Bronze Award, Wash, Bizziebaby (UK)
Highly Recommended Baby Wipes, TIPS Ltd. (UK)

Green Award for Outstanding Product, EcoBabyWorld (USA)
TIPS Highly Commended Award, Lightly Scented Wipes, TIPS Ltd. (UK)
TIPS Highly Commended Award”, Fragrance Free Wipes, TIPS Ltd. (UK)
Best Disposable Nappy Bronze Award, Mother and Baby Magazine (UK)
Highly Recommended Baby Wipes, TIPS Ltd. (UK)

Best Disposable Nappy Bronze Award, Mother and Baby Magazine (UK)
Highly Recommended Award, Practical Parenting Magazine (UK)

Best Wipes Gold Award, Practical Pre-School Magazine (UK)
Highly Recommended, Practical Parenting Magazine (UK)
TIPS Editor’s Choice Award, Wipes from TIPS Ltd. (UK)
TIPS Editor’s Choice Award, Nursing Pads from TIPS Ltd. (UK)
Best Disposable Nappy Silver Award, Mother and Baby Magazine (UK)
Best Baby Wipes, Mother and Baby Magazine (UK)
Editor’s Choice Award, Junior Magazine (UK)

Best Disposable Nappy Silver Award, Mother and Baby Magazine (UK)
Best Baby Wipes, Mother and Baby Magazine (UK)
Editor’s Choice Award, Junior Magazine (UK)
Best Baby Wipe Gold Award, Mother and Baby Magazine (UK)

2005 Best Baby Wipe Gold Award, Mother and Baby Magazine (UK).


Whats in our Media section?

Here you’ll find resources such as product- and vision pictures, logos, tag-lines and other things that might come in handy when representing the NATY BY NATURE BABYCARE brand. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please use the picture request- or the design request form to contact the marketing team at our head office in Stockholm, Sweden.

If you would like to get a better grasp of our brand and how we want to be perceived, please read through the branding guidelines.There you’ll find what fonts we use, what color-palette we prefer and how we think in regards to the representation of our marketing material.

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